provide some insight on how to become a better advocate in planning a positive transition from high school.  I have Cerebral Palsy where mainly I deal with a speech  impairment. 
  • Provide new direction on transition struggles.
  • Different ways of advocating.
  • Increasing your understanding the disability system and how it may assist you.
  • New ways of accessing resource.
       Resources Information
   Greater funding for Assistive Technology Devices.
    Better for Assistive Technology Devices in intergraeting  and accept
      in lives of people with disabilities. 

Is Your Son or Daughter Dealing with Transition Struggles?

Parents find themselves at a bit  lost once  their son's or daughter's high school career is  about to end. This is  when parents deal with their own fears and excitement and  scramble to find resources and services.  Really, there must be a plan of transition in the IEP. An example of this can be a plan  that ranges from furthering one's education, getting connected with Vocational Rehabilitation 

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